Susan Juby

Canadian author of young adult books. After a series of different jobs, Susan turned back to an early love of writing fiction. Another early love included horses and dressage and she has written one horse novel with a dressage theme. She says on her website that she would like to "write every kind of book I love to read" - and her next project will hopefully be a detective novel!

She now lives in Vancouver and has a horse called Tango.

You can find out lots more about the author and her books on her website and its associated links.

Horse and Pony Books

Reprinted in paperback.
SUMMARY: Teen coming of age/romance set in the world of dressage training. Alex and Cleo, two misfit teens, find salvation in their shared love of dressage, and form a growing friendship.

Collector's info:
Easy to find. The book is still in print and can be bought new from Amazon in the UK and the USA (and presumably also Canada).